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If the story you're telling yourself sounds like:
this is too much
how am I supposed to cope
I need bigger help
then I want you to know that bigger help is available
you're not alone
and it really is this hard sometimes.


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Some of the areas I deeply care about working in

You are more than what has happened to you. Adversity doesn't always build resilience and time doesn't heal all wounds.  The good news? You can change your mind, effort works, and you are incredibly capable, adaptable, and wired for survival. What served you in the past may not serve you now: let's find out what does. 


Areas of practice and specific care

Focusing is a somatic practice of gentle, client led bodily inquiry process which creates space for inner dialogue and conscious shifts to take place. The therapist holds the space and supports the client in exploring what is coming up, in the moment, and how to integrate that knowledge. 

Support and strategies to deal with complicated and grief stricken times. Living in an incredibly stressful context within multiple systems of oppression takes a personal and professional toll.  We will critically examine the contexts and develop meaningful and realistic plans for dealing with these real life challenges, using a variety of approaches to access emotional, spiritual, physical, and mental wellness.

Queer realities and trans and nonbinary identities are central to my practice. I welcome your hardest topics, unspoken desires, ungrieved or complicated losses. You'll find support, validation, resources, and new ways of knowing your stories. It is an honour to support your gender journey, your coming out story, your authentic desire narratives, and your explorations of what brings joy and pleasure. Claiming your own identity is the work of deep embodied adulthood. 

I work with adults and couples+ who are seeking support in the realms of grief and loss, addictions recovery, and relationship and intimacy work. I am polyamory friendly, kink competent and specifically invite diverse gender, erotic, and relationship issues, as well as general mental health and wellness concerns. My rates are 150/hr for individuals, 250/90 mins for couples+.
I keep limited office hours for in-person appointments in qathet/Powell River, and am available either by secure video conferencing or via telephone for remote support. Sessions may be claimable by various insurance providers under psychotherapy services.

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