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Them, me, us. How I made a self care weekend feel right.

First day: running my hands over acres of fabric, wandering slowly through the markets, connecting the dots of painstaking labour to market to consumer. Noticing that it's mostly women doing this work, noticing that I too will feather my nest with their beautiful handwork. This life season of carrying my babies is almost over, but I still want to collect baby carriers, care for them and honour their role in how I grow and helped babes grow too. 

Second day: maiden, mother, crone. After recognizing a latent desire for more symbolic and concrete recognition of this time in my life, I call up a local ink slinger and am given a tattoo which is, miraculously, quick, cheap, and lovely. Not easy to get this trifecta right. Seriously contemplating having the next batch of ink done tomorrow. 

Third day: will be making my way up the long stone staircase to meet the local golden idol, a 17 metre Buddha is nothing if not imposing. Although I'm not Buddhist, it feels fitting to go pay a little homage and express some gratitude, for blessings and events known and yet unknown. 

It was a near thing, this year just passed, and there were some points where I couldn't have fought my way out of a wet paper bag. But yet here I am, with them, me, and us all together. 

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